Brett C Sandström standing with last canvas created as a teen, a work created in 1993.

Every expression and perception is as diverse as every person. The visual language of art ties every person to the knowable, to the plausible, and to the unfathomable.  In order to let go of preconceived notions and to allow the art to flow freely from within, Brett Sandström has been working in the world of abstracts for over thirty years.  Works that seek balance and harmony - works that emphasizes mindfulness, intentionality, simplicity, and being present in the moment. 

Whether brushed onto paper or canvas, Brett Sandström seeks understanding through the controlling lines into asymmetrical works where negative space and minimalism creates a sense of calm tranquility, inviting viewers to engage with the art on a deeper, more contemplative level. 

Reviving Lost Languages

5th and Talcott: home and studio to artist, Brett C Sandström.  

5th and Talcott was created to explore the lost language of art and pass the artistic passion and techniques to a new generation of creatives at the Sedro-Woolley Academy of Art.


Every expression and perception is as diverse as every person is on Earth. The language of art ties every person to the knowable, to the plausible, and to the unfathomable.  Though artistic expression is as old as human history, my artistic language was developed through a creative explosion during my teen years.  Starting in 1991, I was afforded the luxury to produce hundreds of intricate conceptual abstracts – mostly nib and brushed ink on paper, some noise soundscapes, and a few painted canvases.

As adulthood hit and life steamrolled on, my painterly production waned to the point of non-existence and was replaced with the love of photography.  From the darkroom days to Polaroid and digital, I’ve produced 1,000s of photographic works, and I’m proud to say I’ve had several images published.

All-the-while, art was with me – doing little projects here and there, but it wasn’t until exploring art with my own children, Ogden (11) and Arlis (14), that I picked up a brush again to re-learn the artistic language I once held so dear. 

Over the course of the past few years, I have steadily built up a new portfolio, working in brushed inks, acrylic painted canvases, abstract collage, various printmaking forms, and photography.  Thirty years on, I use my earliest abstractions as my spark, guide, and inspiration.


To bring more creativity into the world, in October 2022 I built 5th and Talcott as a personal art studio and gallery, and home for the Sedro-Woolley Academy of Art, to offer private and group art lessons, and tutelage for artist of all ages.

I look forward to your visitation and thank you kindly for this conversation.

Brett C. Sandström – Autumn 2022 

Publications, Awards, Exhibitions,

Education, Community, and Memberships

Abandoned Washington State (Arcadia Publishing Co.) - Fall 2023


Sedro-Woolley City Scene Magazine 

   Written Article and Photo-essay 

Poem and Artwork

Written Article and Photo-essay 

Grow Magazine - May 2012



  Front page photograph


Boston Review - Nov. 2009


Weird Washington (Sterling Publishing Co.) - Jan. 2008


Self Published Works

Collection of 100 Polaroid images taken with the iconic Polaroid Land Camera.

Autobiographical comic-book about being a stay-at-home Dad.  (Three Issues)

Written and illustrated children's book and read along record set. 

Art Exhibitions and Awards

 Piece Sold

  Self-guided tour of Skagit Valley Art Studios

 Piece Sold

Eagle Haven Winery - Sedro-Woolley, WA

  Art Fair in LaConner,  Washington

Honorable Mention - SVC Article 

Multi-media  - Student Show - Grand Prize

Certificate of Excellence - Art

Ink on Paper - Accepted into the juried adult exhibition as a minor. 

Ink on Paper - Juried fine art exhibition - Student Show - 2 Cash Prizes  


Several years tutelage with renowned Northwest Artist, Karin Evenson / Kal Leavy

Biggest regret in life not attending PNCA

Bellevue College - Darkroom Photography (B&W and Color), Art and Design

Skagit Community - Art and Design 

Khan Academy - Pixar in a Box

Community Arts Organizations


1. Museum of Northwest Art  

2. Skagit Artists 

3. CoCA