Photographic Love

Do I have a passion for photography? Absolutely!  

My lifelong journey through the world of photography began with my childhood 110 Fisher-Price Camera.   I honed my skills during my time in High School and College, experimenting in darkrooms, and later, embracing the art of various Polaroids and digital photography. The result? Thousands of photographic creations.

While I take immense pride in having several of my images published over the years, I've embarked on a new and exciting chapter. For the very first time, I'm thrilled to announce that I am making my work available for purchase. Please, enjoy!

100 Polaroids - Book

Taken between 1998 to the 2020s, this collection of 100 Polaroids, hewn from over two-thousand images, is Volume one of a three volume set.

All photographic images were taken with my Great-Grandmother's Polaroid 230 Land Camera, using Polaroid 667 and 669 films, and Fuji FP 3000B.